Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Which swimwear will you choose this year?

In 2012, fashionable ladies swimwear will be reflecting the trends that have influenced the wider world of fashion. Ladies can choose from vintage-style swimwear inspired by the fifties or go for the frills that have been seen in abundance on the catwalks. Whatever style you go for, you will still need to choose the best type of swim suit to suit your shape and your tastes.

We all recognise the traditional one-piece swim suits, favoured by serious swimmers and those who want something a little more demure when they hit the beach or the poolside. Often a more practical option for ladies who want to do more than just sunbathe, one-piece swim suits also provide a little more coverage for those who are uncomfortable with showing off their tummies. Variations can still be found, however, with some swimming costumes only having one strap, or with large sections cut out of the body.

Bikinis are perhaps the most popular choice of swimwear for many women, and yet it has only been around since the mid-twentieth century. Before then, it was considered scandalous to reveal the flesh of the midriff as the bikini does. There are now countless styles and variations of the bikini, including bandeau tops, halter-neck tops and underwired cups, which allow women to choose a style that flatters their figure as well as revealing it.

If neither the traditional one-piece nor the bikini really floats your boat, there is now another more modern option that bridges the gap between the two. A tankini is basically a vest-like top paired with a pair of bikini-style bottoms; it offers greater coverage than a bikini and yet is contemporary in its design.

With such variety now on offer, it is easier to find swimwear that suits ones tastes and physique. Some swimwear is revealing and daring, while other styles provide practical, comfortable and flattering swimsuits that are more about preserving modesty that making a fashion statement.

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