Friday, June 22, 2012

Tips for visiting Guatemala: Mayan Ruins and Wildlife

Guatemala is defined its two distinctive traits - the highlands and lowlands. Every different area has it's own special look and also it's own one of a kind population. The highlands' thick jungles is filled with natural wonders and spectacles lowlands is where you can find monuments which you cannot see anywhere else in the world. In the meantime, let us concentrate on the remarkable wildlife and also geography of the Guatemala highlands.

Among the many denoting characteristics for the survival of all wildlife in the Guatemala Highlands is the mountain chain named the Sierra Madre. It extends from the Mexican border down to the mid highlands reaching El Salvador. The most appealing thing about this mountain chain is the fact that it's defined by volcanic cones, like a volcano that is over 13,000 feet tall identified as Tajumulco.

Animals in Guatemala


A lot of mammals, bird species and fishes live in the mountains and along the jungle hills of the volcanic highlands. In the jungles of Guatemala, encompassed by the wild, we'd be amiss of the wide, and incredibly appealing, range of plants, trees, as well as flowers.


One of many most famous mammals which wander around the jungles of the Guatemalan highlands is the little known of Jaguarondi. Contrary to its cousin, the Jaguar,it's got a thick dark coat, eyes that happen to be a bit closer together as compared to the Jaguar; additionally it is about half the size of an adult Jaguar. The Jaguarondi is a medium sized cat which can easily find it's way through the forests and jungles of Guatemala with minimal concern over a larger predator, except man not surprisingly.

White-nosed Coati

There are some species who find the thickly wooded areas of Guatemala easy like the White-nosed Coati while others find the area troublesome. The White-nosed Coati of the Guatemala highlands offers a new distinct look to the scene. The nose is white, as the name signifies, the short four legged mammal has a thick white, brown, and black coat with a narrow face that protrudes down, just like a mouse snout. In general White-nosed Coati's will both vegetation and meat, such as berries and fruits, and small vertebrates, eggs, and perhaps insects.


Let us now go over the Guatemalan lowlands. Nearly all of Guatemala's bird species can be located in the lowlands caused by the number of ancient Mayan ruins existing throughout the better to build on locations. Certainly one of these locations is the Ceibal Cultural Monument. When you're a bird lover in that case this is the Mayan monument that you like to check out.

The Ceibal monument continues to be noted as having the largest diversity of birds as compared to somewhere else in Guatemala. A few of these hard to find species that occupy only this monument and area are the salty-tailed trogan, the ornate hawk eagle, as well as the great black hawk. These three birds are will take in any type of food they encounter, or mistake for food, and so keep a close eye on eyewear, keys, and also small bags!

All these are just a couple of examples of the very varied wildlife which prevails in the continuously changing jungles of Guatemala. In the event that you end up in the Guatemalan highlands when your lucky you may find the Jaguarondi out on the hunt, and in the event that you're in the lowlands keep you eyes open for the bird species, you will find countless kinds all waiting around to be viewed!

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