Friday, June 22, 2012

Advice for teachers on what to take on educational trips

It can be a big responsibility to organise a school trip or to supervise one in any way. Whilst you are away, you will be acting in loco parentis, ensuring that no one gets hurt and that everyone has a good and educational time.

To help you to properly prepare for your role as a supervisor on a school trip, there are certain things you may need to take with you. Each type of trip has its own list of supplies, tools and equipment, but there are some basics that you or one of your colleagues should definitely be packing for every trip.

Each member of the school trip supervisory team should have with them a mobile phone and extra cash for emergency situations, along with emergency contact information. This could include a list of parent's telephone numbers, the number for the school, the local authority and the emergency services, and each team member should have one.

You may also need to take a list or other record of student medication that will be taken during the trip. You need to know what and how much of certain medications need to be taken routinely and in emergencies, especially for children with allergies or asthma. This list will help you to monitor the children's medical needs and react properly in emergency situations.

A 'hot file' should also be carried by the leader of the trip, or by other team members. This is a file containing all information and documentation crucial to the school trip, such as the lists and numbers detailed above and any other important documentation or forms.

This isn't all that may need to be carried by team members, as it is just as important to have another file or container for medication and first aid supplies, emergency supplies of food and drink, and class supplies and educational equipment.

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