Sunday, June 3, 2012

Self Guided NYC Tours The Inexpensive Ways To See New York City

Traveling in New York is easy, even if just walking. In fact, the best way to see all that this modern city has to offer is on your feet. To truly get to a taste of this great place, whether a tourist, resident, or new New Yorker, is self guided NYC tours.

Regardless of your interest in seeing New York, you love its history, food, or maybe shopping, there is a walking tour suited for you. Online you can find inexpensive paid services that will send you a plan for a tour straight to your email. You can use your PDA or cell phone as your guide, or print out the maps sent to you for your tour.

Many sites online offer free listings suggesting planned mapped out trips. You can shop around for what you want to see, and skip areas you do not with to explore, or do not have time for. Regardless of how much you paid for the tour, you are in control and can go at your own pace. This is also much cheaper than a hired tour or bus trip.

A self guided experience allows you to plan your experience yourself. You are not tied to a group of other tourists or strangers. You can also plan the time spent. You should split a tour that is supposed to take hours over a few days to fit your schedule and needs.

Another option is an audio tour, the type once only seen at a museum. At New York's Grand Central Terminal station's main concourse ticket window, you can pick up an audio device and enjoy an hour tour of the station. There are also companies that offer many audio walking tours of the city's neighborhoods, and have taken extra steps to make these experiences entertaining by tailoring the tapes to the flavor of the trip.

When considering self guided NYC tours, there are many possibilities. Some sites offer even specific themed tours for shopping, or topics like art, and mobsters, or types of food. The best aspect of these trips is you are in control and can certainly find a tour that is exactly what you were looking for.

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