Friday, June 1, 2012

Tips In Obtaining A St. Kitts Citizenship

There are many people who wants a St. Kitts citizenship. To get this, one will need to learn about the naturalization method of both countries involved. Also, he need to see to it that his current country does not prohibit the acquisition of such a thing. 

One should avoid getting involved in diplomatic issues as well. This will only prevent the approval of one's naturalization if gets involved in diplomatic problems. In the worst case scenario, either the current or the host country will ask the person to give up his own allegiance.

Start the naturalization procedure at the current country. Also, remember to establish one's wish to not lose his current nationality. To secure this one, better read the rules and requirements of the naturalization procedure properly.

Comply the necessary documents and paperworks. Hand them off into the agency responsible for immigration issues. See to it that the requirements are already complete before submitting them to the agency so that one does not have to go through too much hassle.

Give one's full cooperation with the neutralization procedure. This makes things a whole lot easier. If there are personal information needed by the agency, provide them with it or give them a lead on how to get such pieces of valuable information.

Set an appointment with the embassy after consuming the time given for a person to think about his decisions thoroughly. During the appointment, tell the consulate officer his thoughts. Also, express his desire to retain the current nationality that he now has.

The last thing to do in getting the St. Kitts Citizenship is to swear one's commitment to the laws of the second country. This is usually done with an informal ceremony. He must also sing the second country's anthem to celebrate the start of his new life.

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