Monday, June 25, 2012

Pamper Your Locks While Visiting Spain

Many people find that they have so many day-to-do commitments that there just isn't the time in their busy schedule to fit in hair and beauty treatments. This coupled with the fact that many spas and beauty salons in the UK are over-priced, is perhaps one of the main reasons that some people avoid beauty treatments altogether.

Holidays in Spain and the Canaries can offer travellers the opportunity to receive exceptional treatments at a lower cost, all within the relaxing environment of beaches and sunshine. 

Hair is the perfect place to start your beauty treatment. After all it's a wonder just how bad we can feel with a greasy do, even if the rest of you is in tip-top shape. While on holiday, you may be tempted to visit a salon with the heat and sea air playing havoc with your hair, but it's always a good idea to read up on other customers' experiences on review sites first. 

Spain's cities are the best places to find world-class hairdressers and stylists. If you find yourself in Madrid then make an appointment at the Franck Provost salon. He is billed as 'Hairdresser to the stars' and owns a chain of exclusive salons all over the world. Madrid has eight stores alone, which means that customers needn't wait long for excellent cuts and colour treatments. The reason these hairdressers can set themselves apart from other hairdressers is the fantastic ethnic hair service that they provide. The stylists at Franck Provost realise that Asian and African hair differ from Caucasian hair and this means that they are able to tailor advice on cuts and colouring to suit individual needs.

Language can often be a barrier when receiving a haircut in another country. However, those in Barcelona will find that the Anthony Llobet salon is the answer to their prayers. Specializing as an English-speaking salon, the fact that staff are bi-lingual paired with its retro design, makes it a popular place for expats, travellers and locals alike. The salon may only offer a basic selection of services, but it prides itself on offering haircuts and styles that are bang on trend.

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