Monday, June 4, 2012

Travel Guide to Nice, France

People travel for a reason. They want to make the trip a memorable and heart touching that will last a lifetime, in addition of simply going to tourist destinations and taking pictures. They want to be in such activities that are unique to one destination.

When a person visits a place, they intend to make their experience unique by trying activities that special to that city or country. For example, in France, a tourist would not only want to visit the Eiffel Tower and click pictures but also try out the delicious foods that are famous there. Similarly, when visiting Nice, a person would not only be clicking pictures but would also prefer to participate in unique activities that Nice is famous for. So what unique activity should one take part in while visiting Nice, France?

Public transportation isn't just for the working class or the poor anymore. In these tough economic times, it is an interesting way to check out the locale during vacation and enjoy the sights. It is an affordable way to meet local people and chat about what is exciting to do in Nice. One may even start the next great novel for the price of token after sharing a seat with a colorful local.

One should have a leisurely walk at the famous La Prom, the center of human recreation and activity of Nile. One should also have the cocktails with sunbathing and beach fun. A swim in the Mediterranean Bay relaxes one. A bike riding, taking a rented bike is also recommended.

It is also suggested that one should go to the famous Flower Market of Nice. Open six days a week from six in the morning until six in the evening, the place is filled with caf? shops filled with a myriad of flowers. One can take a souvenir there.

Most tourists would overlook this, but it is really recommended that one should go to the ports. The port is filled with luxurious yachts, and one can definitely have a romantic sunset. The port is also near the sandy beach and cove in which one can succumb to after enjoying what the port has to offer.

To really appreciate the full value of this country you should take a walk down to Old Nice. Vieux Ville is the old part of Nice and will show you what it uses to look like; the Nicoise culture is really strong in this part. Museum will show the artwork and the true meaning of what it was like to live there and the past. Souvenirs are sold there; you should buy some of them to remember the unique artwork.

Nice is a place worth staying as there are museums, flower markets, bays and beaches. A lot of activities can be done and many places can be visited. Thus every moment of stay there can be enjoyed.

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