Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Adding Haunted House and Corn Maze Attractions To Your Business

Have you been to the latest HAA show in St. Louis and saw the amazing Rodeo Spider or the Arachnid Attack as well as the new Rodeo Pumpkin?

These two, the Rodeo Spider and the Rodeo Pumpkin are brand new offerings that are part of the 56 different ride attachments that only Galaxy Multirides is known to offer. The Rodeo Bull, in fact, is the most popular, catering to any type of event or themed occasion, helping to maximize profit and guarantee all-the-way fun!

The two pieces of attachment are specially made to cater to Galaxy Multirides concept on the Haunted House and the Corn Maze Markets. These are two new concepts and to give a better picture on how this will help the business, here are some tips:

Making a preset automatic competition programs of different degrees of speed and difficulty is one important aspect to consider. Galaxy Multirides has 6 preset automatic programs like these and can provide fun and exhilarating rides to the customers. The LED locks that are connected provide the time for the riders to know.

Every rider wants know how long they stayed on. Of course some will fall off immediately and others can last much longer. This competition type atmosphere is a guaranteed way of attracting customers to take part in the riding. If you have a group of friends they are all going to try & be the best rider and once the bar is raised there will always be another person who wants to raise it higher.

Having a prize offering is indeed attractive to entice more riders to join the competition. Galaxy recommend of $25-$50 gift certificate that can still be consumed and used at the venue itself. Most likely, this can be one factor for the customers to come back, use the certificate and most probably spend more at the venue and greatly increasing the profit of your business.

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