Sunday, June 10, 2012

What does Tikal in Guatemala offer travellers?

Positioned around 50 miles from the country's border with Belize, Tikal National Park contains the deserted city of Tikal, its complicated architectural structures extending over 6 square miles, and the abundant jungle encompassing it, loaded with native plant life and animals that continue to keep grow there.

Numerous animals as well as avian species also refer to this as park home, such as the rowdy Howler Monkey, beautiful parrots, the illusive Gray Fox, and fun Spider Monkeys. Just outside the National Park's entrance, there's a privately owned park, that provides a zip-line tour over the jungle's canopy, and a museum that provides numerous displays, showcasing fascinating items retrieved from the numerous excavations of the ruins.

Whether or not you would like to visit the ruins, which, even now, are only a fraction of the true size of the city, or whether or not you desire to see the 140 species of birds and a great number of other wildlife, Tikal is the best location for any vacationer. It really is great for an educational trip for the whole family, an infinite treasure chest for birdwatchers and also animal enthusiasts, plus an adventure for everyone that merely would like to escape from it all.

Tikal, the "City of Voices", lies inside the bewildering jungle canopy in the Petn Region of Guatemala. This ancient city is filled with an enchantment that draws not only countless vacationers every year, but additionally numerous archeologists and naturalists from all over the world. Stated by UNESCO as a Natural and World Cultural Heritage Site, the ruins of Tikal blend the natural splendor of the jungle with the historical magnificence of the city's architectural mastery.

Tikal has no coherent history, mainly because it was deserted for strange reasons over a thousand years ago. Kudos to the work of archeologists, we do know that the Mayans started construction approximately 600 B.C. and that it hit its peak some 1500 years ago. They have also gleaned some information on the way the inhabitants lived from the drawings depicted on pottery and bone, the various tools they put to use, glyphs, as well as the similarities between it and also other cities with a more clear history.

During its days of glory, Tikal was a prosperous metropolis, the location of roughly 100,000 people, which includes religious leaders, scientists, and men of political standing. Its 3000 structures included massive temples, rich palaces, ceremonial platforms, recreational ball courts, beautiful plazas, as well as a sauna. Five amazing pyramids stand watch over the city, their stone walls holding testament to the truly great architectural skill and also craftsmanship now, over a century later.

You will discover several tour and also lodging options readily available to tourists. You could proceed through the park all on your own, or join a tour group where you will be told about the history and also intriguing facts concerning the ruins and surrounding area. Lodgings are adequate, with more comfortable cottages in the nearby island village of Flores on the beautiful Lake Petn Itz, the 2nd largest lake in Guatemala. In addition there are alternate options in other cities all around the area, even though some are as far as an hour by plane, and so, much less desirable.

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